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deviation in storage by Only-Another-Wraith
Random deviations from my favourites gallery. If you like what you see here then please do go and browse through as there are some wonderful pieces crying out for more attention.


If you'd like me to critique one of your pieces then please just send me a note. I think I'm mainly able to offer critique for literature pieces, but I will try for other mediums. If I can't write you a critique that I feel is of a good quality then I'll try my best to write you a good constructive comment.

I pay no attention to the popularity of a deviant, or the skill level of their other works when writing a critique. I won't even look at their other works until I've critiqued the piece in question in many cases, as I believe that a piece should be able to speak for itself and nothing else is relevant.

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small talkhe doesn't do small talk; never has done in the seven-or-so years i've known him. he's a cut-to-the-chase kind of guy i met in a down-town pub. i'd been drinking – he hadn't – and he lent me an arm for the three miles home.
"irresponsible… alone… could have been hurt…” - the only snatches of his tirade i remember now.
we met again, a week later, in that same down-town pub. i bought him a drink - a thank you (soft, of course) - and basked in his approval at my own orange and lemonade. i once swore i’d never change for any man.
we got talking, there in the bar. the hum of the underage youths larking around by the pool table and the sound of whatever song was favourite that day faded away. we talked on our island, our utopia, until my ten o'clock curfew brought it down around our feet.
          he walked me home again, and on my doorstep i pulled away from

17/06/11 - I got a DLD. :faint: I'm very happy and very surprised and very very grateful for both the help with improving this piece, and for the honour of such a feature.

Pillow Memories
May 9th 2006
Dear Harry,
You’re gone.
People always told me death was a numbing experience, that I wouldn’t feel the pain for quite some time. It has already been three weeks, four days, and twenty-one hours, and they were wrong. I felt the loss of you that very second in the dreary hospital room. You were barely conscious, but Robert and I talked your way into a private room. Small, and unnaturally white, but I know you preferred the privacy over the bustle of the wards – cheery blue-gowned nurses, and the sickly aroma of flowers hurriedly purchased from the hospital shop by hoards of reluctant relatives.
I didn’t bring you flowers. Instead, I brought you photographs, pulled straight from the albums in the spare room. The first was that photograph you took of me with your very first colour-film camera in 1975 1977. I had to take some time to remember the year; you know how I get sometimes. It’s the one in which I’m holding little Annie in her

13/09/11 - Second place in the prose category of the transliterations Photocopier Contest. Seriously unexpected. <3

Letter to LoveDear You
– whoever you may come to be –
I'm scared of dreaming. I want to believe that you're real and that someday we'll walk the sands together with your arm looped casually 'round my waist and my head on your shoulder, like in the movies. I want to hear your laugh as sea-spray dances in the breeze.  I want so badly to believe that I'll embrace your touch, to the world a simple gesture, but you and I will still the echoing bells of my untrusting youth together.
I'm scared of falling; I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, even with you. You'll reel me in with endless conversations and your butter-wouldn't-melt smile that I'll make it my mission to grace your face as often as possible. I'm scared that despite your whispered promises, one day you won't be there to cushion my landing.
I'm scared of your expectations, that I won't live up to them; that you'll place me on a pedestal I'll inevitably tumble from. I know you'll challenge me and I'll hold you ever closer for it.

06/08/11 - A second DLD? This piece is far more personal to me. Thank you to helice93 for suggesting it. :heart:

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Wow, so, I was featured. A piece of literature I wrote for a transliterations prompt about 18 months ago was chosen as one of the Daily Deviations yesterday. If you didn't see it, you can do so here: Pillow Memories.

This came as a great surprise to me, especially considering I have not been particularly active within the community these past few months. I am very grateful to Beccalicious for putting my piece out there to a wider audience, and to everyone who has taken the time to read it. I have over 100 feedback messages in my inbox right now, which, besides being the most I have ever had at one time, are all :+fav:s for this piece. I have already been through some of them, and I intend to respond to each one individually. I don't want to just copy-paste a 'thanks for the :+fav:' message on everyone's profile, however, so I will be taking the time to do something for each person, whether that is looking at some of their work, commenting on their work, or just leaving a llama.

I never thought my work would be featured site-wide, to the extent that it was a 'goal' (take that term very loosely indeed as a DD is not something you have any control over) on my bucket list.

Thank you everyone for brightening up 2013.

Teresa :heart:


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United Kingdom
Thank you to helice93 for allowing me to use this lovely drawing as my devID :heart:
:+fav: the deviation here:

I'm a 22 year old graduate from England and I'm still trying to figure everything out.


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